On their third day in India, Film Scoring chair Dan Carlin and the rest of the Berklee team. . . way too busy to send photos. . . get down to work at the World Scholarship Tour visit, orienting participants to the audition process.

This was our first day at the Performers Collective, the school where we are holding our sessions. Today was dedicated to orientation, with both morning and afternoon clinics in which we introduced the students to the Berklee audition and interview process. Greg Badolato’s brilliance with students was on fine display as he effortlessly brought out the musical best of a few volunteers who participated in mock interviews. He is a fabulous tenor player, of course, and his ears are phenomenal. The 60+ students were as amazed as his colleagues.

The school itself is in a converted house, described by one of our hosts as “old,” as in 8 or 9 years. (That response, I presume, indicates the active levels of construction since 2000.) Our actual sessions were held in the basement, which got a little warm and humid, but not too uncomfortable.

I am in awe of the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity with which Indians are transforming their society—this despite a paucity of resources. But, I digress! We’re here to share the joy of music, and I look forward to being with the students again tomorrow.

Best wishes from Gurgaon, India,