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Catching up with Five-Week student Andrew Riezebeek

Last fall, 15 year old guitarist from the Netherlands, Andrew Riezebeek, blogged about his experience at the 2009 Five-Week Summer Performance Program and Guitar Sessions.  In this post, Riezebeek shares with us his music projects as he prepares for Five-Week this coming summer.

Hey Berklee fans and students! Here’s another post for you guys and girls coming straight from Amsterdam!

I have been doing a ton musically and all of my recent experiences have been really important to get prepared for the Five-Week Performance Program 2010.

I just got hired to play in an electro/funk band with graduating students from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Check out the video below. The group is called DINGUS. It has been a great honor to play with these kids. They are very talented musicians that will definitely become some of the best in the country.  This experience will definitely help me prepare for my funk/fusion ensemble that I’ll take during Five-Week this summer.

In addition to playing in DINGUS, the drummer of the band and myself decided to start a separate project together. We built a home studio in my basement and have been messing around with some tracks for a while now. We decided not to latch on to any particular style. This was a great choice because at the moment the creative freedom we have is really inspiring.

My high school also just recently had an acoustic concert called “Unplugged”! It was great to participate in this event. It was really rewarding to be able to work with and help fellow students by accompanying them on guitar. The great thing about our school concerts is that there is always something to learn and share, regardless of what level you’re at. As you practice more and more, you tend to forget about the ‘tasteful’ basics and an experience like this really makes you realize how useful the basics actually are.

At the moment my exam period is starting so I will be taking a break from music for a week or so. I will be sure to get back writing again and keeping you posted with my preparations for the Five Week Program.

Cheers and thanks for reading,
Andrew Riezebeek

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Respond: Are you applying to a summer program?  What are you doing to prepare?  Share with us in the comments section below, include your links to bands or recordings you’re working on!


2010 봄학기 신입생 오리엔테이션- 2010 Spring Orientation


ミュージカル”In the Heights”で活躍するバークリー卒業生! Berklee Alumni from “In the Heights”

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  1. Hee Bro!

    Nice Blog. It’s so nice to see that DINGUS video again!

    Brings up good memories!

    See ya next friday!

    Cheers, Flip

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