All is hectic as the cold winds blow mid-terms through the halls of Berklee.  Yesterday was our Advanced Digital Sampling project – we took audio samples of household objects and used Kontakt to create the aural atmosphere of a dinosaur battle!

Dino Battle!

Let’s break down a couple of the sounds you’re hearing.  For the growl effect, great for tigers or the t-rex, we took a USB massager (yes, they exist) and placed it inside a wooden box.  As it shook around inside the box, we slowly opened and closed the box-lid to reproduce the opening and closing of a creatures mouth.  Pitch-shift the sound down a few octaves, give it some extra low-end, and you get a little something like this:


For the distant roar of a t-rex, we took the recording of a can-opener, and pitch shifted it down about 4 octaves.  Throw some reverb in and a rotating speaker effect, you’ll get this:

Distant Roar

In local news, The Dirty Projectors are playing the Paradise, November 17th.  Get an A on your toughest midterm, then celebrate by getting yourself a ticket!

In world news, efforts are still ongoing to find the cure for swine flu.  To avoid infection, top scientists have issued the official statement “just don’t do this.”


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