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Next week: Berklee returns to New Orleans

Sometimes, musicians set aside the saxophone for the circular saw, the piano for the wood planer, the synth for… okay, I’ll stop. In a few days, 10 Berklee faculty and staff will be heading to New Orleans to build houses in the┬áHabitat for Humanity Musicians’ Village. It’s the third annual trip, sponsored by Berklee’s Gracenotes volunteer committee.

From Berklees 2008 trip to New Orleans

From Berklee's 2008 trip to New Orleans

Coordinator Linda Embardo tells me they’ll all be posting, so look for a slew of reflections on roots and rebirth in the Crescent City. Until then, you can get some background by reading blog posts from the previous visits:


Real Jazz’s Mark Ruffin with Roy Guzman


Excited to go!

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  1. Jenna

    Have a fantastic experience. I was there in 2007 and look forward to seeing your progress over the coming days.

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