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Hard work in the Hot Sun!

This is Barbara LaFitte (oboist and Coordinator in the Performance Division), writing as a storm is rolling in.  Its very very hot, but we are far more acclimated today than yesterday.  We’re working on finishing up a house that belongs to a drummer, painting exterior trim, putting up fascia, digging post holes for the fence and for the porch.  Today we felt like we are truly accomplishing something!  Our team is wonderful–great spirits, great people, and to think in my 15 years at Berklee, I’d never met any of them!  The camaraderie is wonderful, and I feel truly lucky to be here with them.

Today we visited the home that Kathryn Hencir helped to build last summer.  It was an emotional experience, to see the home happily inhabited.  To see the tiny, colorful sneakers on the porch reminded us that there will be a future here.  For us to know we are really making a difference is powerful, meaningful.  The neighborhood still has many homes that are boarded up, broken windows, roofs caving in, and the symbols of the rescue teams spray painted on the front.  We’ve seen many finished Habitat homes, distinguishable by their cheerful color schemes.  Our house is on the corner of Independence and Rocheblave:  2401 Independence, New Orleans LA.  You can google it!

Time to go find more cajun food, and find strength for tomorrow’s assignments!

Barbara LaFitte
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  1. Jenna

    Hi, Barbara. This is wonderful to read. I enjoy following the progress and hearing from each of the group members as you find your way to the blog. Keep up the good work and know that the people there appreciate it. We all do, as a society, because people like you make our world a great place to be.

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