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Day 2

Wow, its hot….104.

We are hoping to finish a house this week. I am painting and caulking with several others including 3 Yankee fans. Its all good.

Others in our group are building the front steps….leveling the yard….yikes!!!….and finishing the fascia.

Some local news people stopped by today and Barbara and Giles straightened them out.

Its good to sit down.

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  1. Mary

    I’m happy to hear that you are painting…seeing as you have oh so much experience in that department! I hope the heat doesn’t cause any problems for you all and that you make an appearance on the local news. Straighten out those Yankee fans!!

  2. Gmoots

    Mary….you are a dream come true as a daughter!!!

  3. Ivan

    Keep up the good work Olig. That’s a nice looking house you’re working on. We have some out buildings you can paint when yer done.

  4. crescentCityRay

    Please drink plenty plenty cold water and take frequent breaks in the shade. I hope you get to do some sightseeing and have some fun too. Thanks for your help in our battered city.

  5. Emily

    Hey! Maybe the dream team (Mary, Greg, Diana and myself) should come down there and put our painting experience to use… I’m at work listening to Charles Mingus and I thought of you. Hahaha I hope you’re enjoying yourself. Later Gator

    P.S. I believe my name was Amelia… (Auf Deutsch)

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