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Back in New Orleans

My name is Giles Christenson, I work in the Training and Support department at Berklee.

The last time I flew into New Orleans was in November of 2006. At that time it seemed like every other house had a blue tarp covering the roof. Since then there has been a remarkable amount of work done, and now I only saw a couple of scattered tarps. This is a testament to the dedication of the people in this City to rebuild, as well as the hard work of groups like ours who are helping.

We landed around noon. It was a little to early for us to check in, so we spent the afternoon walking around the french quarter together, after we had lunch of course.

After we were able to check into the hotel I took a street car uptown to visit my old neighborhood, (I lived down here briefly in 2003-2004).  The apartment building I lived in is now condos, but other then that things look about the same.

We all met up around 7 to go out for another great meal at Acme Oyster House. I tried raw oysters for the first time, I’m sure there will be many more times now. Once the last bit of fried seafood had been devoured, our group split up. Some headed back to the hotel, and some out into the city, (I’m in the hotel group).

It was nice to have the day to adjust to the heat after what seems like an eternal rainstorm in Boston. I’m really looking forward to getting started on the work we came here to do tomorrow….and many more meals of course.

Giles Christenson
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  1. Olufemi Olakitan

    For sure ,you are having fun .Can you assist me on how l can get information to obtain visa to study and work as a musician.l want to study music orchestration ,l am a multi-instrumentalist.Thank you.

  2. Jenna Logue

    I hope all goes well. Keep up the good work!

  3. Tedi

    Hi Giles!
    Great to read that you are having some new experiences on this trip. Taking a break from some e-mailing to catch up on this blog. Hope you have a great time!

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