At trip’s completion, my back-of-the-van benchmates, rhythm section partners Josh (bass) Hari, and drummer Mark Whitfield, Jr., shot over their thoughts on the project:

What a great trip! It was such a rewarding experience being able to play Mr. Walden’s music with him and with such a killin’ close-knit band. There is also really no other place like the Blue Note in NY, it truly encompasses the history of this american art form. And thank you to Berklee for being hip enough to realize that jazz cannot simply be learned from textbooks, but by playing, hanging with, and listening to the great teachers and students this school brings together. ~Josh Hari

The trip to the Blue Note was a very enjoyable experience. It was great to be around other greats musicians and people. Hanging and playing with Myron was definitely an added bonus to the trip. It was amazing to play with Myron and Darren. Playing at the Blue Note is an experience I will never forget. ~Mark Whitfield