More thoughts from the band:

When I first started playing jazz, one of my biggest dreams was to play at the Blue Note in New York.  It was kinda like a joke between my friends, we use to say: yeah right, I’m going to play at the Blue Note when we really were going to play in a small place in my hometown. That dream came true. I played at the Blue Note with some of my best friends and favorite musicians, and under the musical command of my favorite mentor teacher/menthor Darren Barrett. It was an amazing experience working with Darren’s ensemble for an entire year.  I really believe that each one of us stepped it up since the first time we played together.  After all the hard work and extra hours of rehearsing the challenging music of Myron Walden, there is no better reward than going on a trip to the Apple (New York) and perfom in front of a full house at the Blue Note. This was defenetly one of my best Berklee experiences.  ~Ilan Bar-Lavi

I had an amazing time. It means a lot to me to perform with a group that is able to rehearse as much as we did. Also it was a big surprise to find out that Myron Walden would be performing with us as we as Darren Barrett. This was the perfect event to close out my Berklee experience. ~Victor Gould