WBGO has a youtube channel with some of the finest Jazz videos out there, all from live performances that were broadcasted from the New-Jersey studio. I’ve been checking these videos out a lot, listening and learning, hoping that one day it’ll be me in that video. The studio has a black and white tile floor, which is really obvious throughout all the videos. It’s the kind of small detail that my brain likes to hang on to. When we got to the studio in Jersey, after an eye opening conversation I had with the master who honored us with his presence- Myron Walden, the first thing I wanted to see was that tile floor. As soon as we walked in, the entire band started getting their instrument ready. All but me. I was struck in awe, just staring at that tile floor, and smiling. Smiling, because by age 22, by hook or by crook, it was now me standing on that tile floor and playing. And in front of these two masters, Darren and Myron, who have influenced my life and playing in so many ways. And in front of these DJ’s who have heard it all already, but were still having fun listening to us. That picture of the tile floor is now engraved in my memory, every time I bring that picture to mind I smile. I smile, because I was there, at age 22, playing music, with my best friends, with my biggest influences, in the major league.