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Improvisation Symposium


Impromptu student jam session


Bill Whelan- redefining tradition


  1. Guys. These dispatches are so great. Keep ‘em coming! while I sit here, with allergies, in cold, cold Boston, and mope. Oh hey, what seems to be the share of jazz musicians at the seminars vs. traditional vs. bluegrass? Not that some people don’t play more than one genre….

  2. Nick Balkin

    Danielle – it me it seems most Irish musicians are coming from a trad background, though many are well versed in jazz and bluegrass. A few students have mentioned to me that the workshops are allowing them to think differently about the inner-workings of music — new skills that they’re excited about applying.

  3. Nick Balkin

    Oh and sorry about your allergies, but weather-wise it’s not that different here than in Boston… foggy, cold, and rainy — not exactly tropical. Every so often the sun comes out and the city looks completely different.

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