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Berklee in Dublin- Jam session at Shebeen, Scholarship awards

Students and faculty play at Shebeen

Students and faculty play at Shebeen

Many students came out to a place called Shebeen last night for a jam session. It was a fantastic ending to an amazing week here in Dublin! The jam session started downstairs, where faculty from Newpark Music Centre and Berklee kicked off with a round of jazz tunes. Later, a group of Traditional players found a quieter corner in the upstairs window to jam ’til closing time. John McGann joined the group of students, and the group grew until all seats around were full. Earlier that evening back at DIT, scholarships were awarded to deserving students who attended the program.

Those who received a full-tuition Five Week Performance Program award include:

Ruby receives a Five Week Program scholarship

Ruby receives a Five Week Program scholarship

-Karen Cowley of Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland

-Isaac Hayes of Feakle, Clane, Ireland

-Etienne Monsaigneon of Croissy Sur Seine, France

-Ruby Turok-Squire of Cambridge, England

The following students won scholarships for one online course:

-Miguel Nicolau, Portugal

-Nathalie Raedler of Barcelona, Spain

-Gustavo Mezo Herrera of Mexico City, Mexico

I love watching the students receive their awards- it is such a surprise for them!

The jam session at Shebeen and the scholarship awards were icing on the cake for Berklee in Dublin. The smiles on faces, the new friendships formed, and the abundance of  music information is something that will be cherished by all who were involved.

See you next year!


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  1. esther herrera

    es increible lo que los estudiantes impulsados por el amor al arte hacen

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