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Day One

Just arrived in Austin, and I already feel like I’m behind; there’s so much going on here already! I’m Magen, Berklee staff, here to help out with our fabulous showcase on Friday, check out the music industry panels, and, of course, hear some bands.

The plan for tonight is to head over to the convention center, get my badge, and meet up with some of the Cafe 939 team. Tomorrow I will be rallying early (I swear) for a series of talks on blogging and the music industry, music festival marketing, and a few others. This is my first time at SXSW, and if anyone reading this is a newbie like me, I’d like to point you towards this article Danielle wrote for Nashville Music Scene last year on how to attend SXSW, “unofficially”. Great stuff; I’ll probably be carrying this around in my back pocket along with my schedule.


And the madness begins



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  1. Billy

    Magen, pls bnring some cd’s new music! we miss you here. enjoy SXSW.

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