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Berklee SXSW Party

Hey Everyone,

It’s Brian from the office of Alumni Affairs. We had an absolutely incredible party today at SXSW! We jammed 9 great bands into 4 and 1/2 hours of stage time and they all managed to bring down the house. From the funky, reggae infused tunes of Ma’ayan Castel, to the subtle melodies of Annie Lynch and the Beekeepers, on up to the brilliantly composed chaos of KID:NAP:KIN, everyone brought their “A” game. No one left disappointed.

Melissa Ferrick performed with the grace and power of any ten artists. This drew her one of the largest crowds of the day. The Motion Sick injected hilarity into their set with their Konami video game code inspired dance number “30 Lives.” The Hollow Sound brought the super-catchy indie rock sound that they are known for. Aaron Sinclair growled out some bluesy tunes that brought to mind images of dusty heels, broken bottles, and broken hearts. Supervolcano absolutely erupted on stage (I couldn’t help myself) and left a trail of sonic destruction in their wake. Later, The Volunteers laid down some NYC-style rocking that was impossible to ignore.

It was a great show. I can’t wait until next year. Don’t miss it.

Brian Grzelak
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  1. Maya

    Hello im maya and i play guitar and ising im 14yrs old and i cnt wait to see your school im glad the party went well!

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