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Berklee in Haiti: Gerye Jwa rehearsal

Berklee College of Music has been fortunate enough to be involved in a project to help kids overcome life-threatening challenges with Life is good Kids Foundation.  We are working on a cd project together.  Will Wells has put together a band of students and professionals to rework folk songs written by Playmakers in Haiti, who we will soon be recording in Haiti.  Here is the Chief Playmaker, Steve Gross, explaining the project during one of the rehearsals.

Way Out West – The Hailey Niswanger Quartet on Tour (#4)

Having successfully re-entered the land of the Red, White and Blue – there was a bad moment at U.S. Customs with an officer who seemed to be making things hard for our pianist Takeshi, who is Japanese – we smoothly rolled for five hours through Washington’s gorgeous Olympic Peninsula, enroute to Hailey’s hometown, Portland, Oregon.

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Way Out West – The Hailey Niswanger Quartet on Tour (#3)

Hailey Niswanger of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute writes in from her international summer tour.

The HNQ has just landed in Kaua’i and we are so excited to be here. Friday night’s gig at Jimmy Mak’s was a huge success. The first set was completely full, with many familiar faces of friends and family. It is always a pleasure to play in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, the support from my friends, family and fans is incredible. I was so happy to see my best and closest friends there.

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Silvina Moreno @ Salem Jazz and Soul Fest

This past week we were able to attend another event of the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival. This time, our own Silvina Moreno was performing with her full band.

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Alicia Lemke at the Kendall Sq Lunch Series

Alicia Lemke sighting number 2! Last Thursday I had a wonderful time in Kendall Square watching Alicia Lemke and her full band perform.

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