Katrina Bello, Summer 2010 London Program, shares some thoughts from the first day of her internship…

“Started my new internship yesterday. So far so good. I work at a small indie label with a rather entertaining name. They focus on electro, hip-hop, dub step music and have a lot of DJs signed to their label. The boss man is a really cool guy. Really busy, too. His phone was just a’ringin off the hook. Legit from 10:30am-5pm. Like wow. Seriously seems like he has his hands in a bit of everything. Nice people in the office. Located in a busier part of London, which I don’t care for too much, but ehh — I can deal. I hate large amounts of people in one area. Looks gross. Feels gross. Not to mention the constant rudeness. “Excuse me” is a lost art. TopShop is right outside the front door of the building. Temptation.

Power House Studio, London

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