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Jorrit Dijkstra’s Troubadour Tour 2015

On May 20th, 2015 I embarked on a two and a half-week European tour, filled with a combination of workshops and concerts. I decided that this time I would focus on my workshops on collective improvisation, targeting conservatory students, advanced amateurs and professional musicians. In addition I had a few solo concerts and improvisational concerts with local musicians interested in collaborating on a spontaneous note. Fortunately Berklee has been extremely generous in supporting the master class portion of this tour, making it all possible. An exciting tour with lots of new musical encounters (I felt like a real musical troubadour), and some extremely rewarding responses from the workshop participants.

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Vive by Kárenly Nieves

Karenly NievesKárenly Nieves is a singer, writer and food and lifestyle blogger who was born and raised in Hormigueros/Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. She was the winner of the “Outstanding Vocalist Award” in the Berklee in Puerto Rico program in 2012 and is currently at Berklee College of Music focusing on achieving a bachelor’s degree in Music Business/Marketing. Now, on her fifth semester at Berklee, Kárenly works as a Spanish tutor and intern for LP’s Congahead Studios. She has been blessed to perform with bands such as the Migrant Motel, 427 Flavah Factory, the Ibetnia project, Latimbop, Amy Black and be part of Berklee ensembles such as the Indian Ensemble and the Recording Ensemble with Gabriel Goodman.


El verano ya está a la vuelta de la esquina! El clima de éste semestre ha impactado en definitive nuestras agendas, planes y clases. Ha sido muy duro mantenerse al día de todo lo que estaba tratando de pasar pero, cuando lo logramos, la alegría de estar en tarima, de recibir una buena nota y poder entender el material de la clase son algunas de las recompensas. Estos últimos meses han florecido y se han convertido en una plataforma de talento que no tiene comparación en Berklee y, para mí, el Festival VIVE fue la perfecta demostración y celebración.

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Following Your Heart and Letting Go: Andres Fonseca

promo picMy name is, Andres Fonseca Alfonso, born in Bogota, Colombia. I’ve been playing music since I was 8 years old, started with piano lessons and soon after fell in love with percussion instruments, particularly Drum-set. After studying in different schools and private music lessons, I went on to study professionally in the music program at Universidad Sergio Arboleda, where I studied jazz & latin jazz drum-set performance, as well as Colombian percussion, composition and arranging.

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Cordelia & The Buffalo at the Monterrey City Festival


10704218_10152339187157337_2970783605132291577_oThe rush that hits you in the gut right when you’re about to step onstage. The realization that after much training, “Zero Hour” is finally in front of you, and so are They. You look out at their smiling faces. You deeply inhale the crisp-clean air, let the Mexican Sun blind your eyes, and then…

On September 6th , we performed at Monterrey City Festival. A 3-day music festival set in Mexico that gave us the great opportunity to play alongside great artists such as Travis, Deftones, Charlie XCX, Def Leppard, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Clasixx, and more.

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BIN: Mi Experiencia en el Colegio de Música (CoM)

BIN LogoThe Berklee International Network (BIN) consists of 19 schools around the globe who’s mission is to seek talented students to enroll in Berklee programs and create opportunities for students to grow and develop their skills, through exposure to other cultures, diverse audiences, and master musicians; and develop careers with global focus. Each month a BIN student will share his experience, culture, and music. Learn more about the BIN and their students at Berklee Blogs.

By: Pedro Suing

El Colegio de Música (CoM) es miembro de la red internacional de Berklee College of Music y sus instalaciones se encuentran en la Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) ubicada en la capital de Ecuador. Actualmente se ofrecen dos especializaciones: Música Contemporánea y Producción Musical y Sonido.

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