In today’s blog, Berklee Blogs checks in with Becca Vesperino, Berklee alum and newest intern at Emoto, a music production house in Santa Monica, CA. Today, Becca tells us the effect a big client visit can have on the office…

So it’s been about awhile since I’ve been at Emoto and I finally feel comfortable there.  I walk into the office in the morning and I know exactly what to do, know what to expect and just do my job.  I’m really enjoying helping out and being a part of the projects they have going on.

One major thing I’ve noticed is that the dynamics in the office vary from person to person.  For example, whenever I work with the receptionist, Kira, I know it’s going to be an easy-going, laid back encounter.  We spend a lot of time together, just the two of us and we’ve gotten to know each other.  We spend our lunch hour hanging out, so she’s the person I feel the most comfortable with in the office.

Then there’s one of my bosses, PB.  He’s super nice and really chill, which makes talking to him really easy.  For instance, this past week I’ve pitched the idea to the office that we should cut back on our paper towel usage by using cloth towels.  I thought this idea was good but didn’t think it would take off like it did.  Last week, not 3 days after I mentioned the idea, we had a washer/dryer unit installed and towels ordered.  I did a few days of research and talked to PB about it, and he loved it!  Having them really like an idea of mine and then have them follow through with it feels awesome!  I’m pretty proud of myself.

Another dynamic that I’m still figuring out is with the head producer Paul, my other boss.  Like PB, Paul is super nice, really professional and a great person to work for, but I’m still a bit intimidated by him.  He’s so good at his job and expects the same from his employees.  Now I like the expectation factor, it’s the talking to him about mundane things (which are important things but not as important as the big campaign we are currently working on) like what kind of creamer he wants at the store or what he wants for lunch.

I’m getting better with approaching him and understanding how he works.  It’s a pretty interesting thing to try and get to know someone without really getting to know him or her personally.  I observe how he and everyone interact in the office.  It’s such a crazy atmosphere.  One minute, we’re all laughing and singing obnoxiously in the kitchen.  Another minute we’re all diligently working at our desks quietly and then, my favorite (not), we’re being very careful and focused when clients come into the office.

I mention the focus with the clients because I’m kind of confused by it.  After having done client services several times since I’ve started the internship, I’m fully aware of the hyper professionalism/performance that goes with it.  What I don’t fully understand is the intensity that follows it, which is ironic knowing that I’m one of the most intensense people in the world.  I’ve observed Kira and my bosses, Paul and PB (more Paul than PB, though), become hyper-focused when clients are coming.

I’m fully aware of all the risk of hosting and entertaining clients, wanting to make a good impression and wanting them to be impressed with the way things are being handled.  I just can’t help but feel pressured (even more than usual) to be perfect and know that the clients are watching our every move.  But that’s not entirely true all the time.  Most of the clients we have come in have been here before, they know the drill, they know the staff, they understand this is what we do, so why then must we tense up about it?  I just think that if you know you’re good at something (entertaining and impressing your client base) then why be so stressed?  Maybe I’m just reading it the wrong way, I am only the intern.  I do know that they have been doing really well work wise but I don’t have all the details.

Overall, still enjoying my time here in Santa Monica but I can’t help but wonder, what’s going to happen after this internship?  That thought overwhelms me- but let’s save that for future Becca to deal with…



Becca Vesperino, 21, currently works at Emoto Music, a music production house, in Santa Monica CA. A recent graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music, earning a BA in Music Business/Management, Becca is a classically trained vocal soprano, with a voice built for the blues. Growing up, surrounded by various musical talents and tastes (rock, classical, Sousa marches), her preferences run the gamut. Drawing her to the west coast are her career interests in music supervision and film production. With a strong education in music and an avid a passion for film her dream job is to one day run a movie studio.  When she’s not organizing, completing projects and lending a hand to her employers; Becca’s spare time is dedicated to her friends on both coasts, her cat Persephone, and catching up on the many movies still unwatched – and what host would not want the services of a bartender who can sing a few numbers with the live entertainment?!