In today’s blog, Berklee Blogs checks in with Becca Vesperino, Berklee alum and newest intern at Emoto, a music production house in Santa Monica, CA. Becca tells us how she sees herself fitting in at Emoto, and what the role of an intern can be…

I’m interning at Emoto Music in Santa Monica, CA. It’s a music production house. My first couple days were kind of nerve racking because I still didn’t know where I fit in at the office. I was shadowing the previous intern, who trained me, and seemed to have everything covered. That didn’t sit well with me at all, so I took to organizing the office- the kitchen, the offices supply cabinet, the back hall with all the Emoto swag, etc. Just to keep myself busy and to help them without being too needy and “intern-y.”

My second week at Emoto was really my time to shine, my first solo week as their intern and I think I did pretty well. We started out with client services on Monday; that was a rude awakening for me. Being a host/waitress for a client, not something I’ve ever done before but I took to it like everything else; be polite, neat and organized. The client sat in on a production of one of the ad campaigns that the producers are working on. Some pretty cool stuff, listening to different tracks, critiquing and making notes, pretty interesting to observe.

After that, the week slowed and I became more comfortable with everyone in the office. There are about 10 people in the whole building, only 6 of them being Emoto. The others are two talent agents, a freelance writer and a freelance music producer. I like that we share space with other businesses and different types of people. It gives me so many different things to think about and observe. For instance, the talent agents always have talent coming in and the receptionist and I always can tell who’s here for whom. It’s interesting to see how things work, going to an audition, going to your agent, landing the gig, etc. I’ve never seen something regarding acting or show business (besides music) really take place before my eyes.
When I’m not a part of those processes,  I act as the errand runner, the fill in receptionist, the faux barista, or my personal favorite, the “Becca, would you mind…?” After reading that, I may sound ungrateful, but I’m not trying to be. I’m just simply saying that I’m needed. They (the producers/employees of Emoto) need me to help. I’m not just there filling space, doing nothing. I’m there to help them out, help them with clients, help them run important errands, make sure they get that important phone call. I’m necessary to the running of their business and I like that. I like that they give me so much responsibility, that they trust me to get the job done. I’m proud that I can be working for them, taking in as much as I can.



Becca Vesperino, 21, currently works at Emoto Music, a music production house, in Santa Monica CA. A recent graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music, earning a BA in Music Business/Management, Becca is a classically trained vocal soprano, with a voice built for the blues. Growing up, surrounded by various musical talents and tastes (rock, classical, Sousa marches), her preferences run the gamut. Drawing her to the west coast are her career interests in music supervision and film production. With a strong education in music and an avid a passion for film her dream job is to one day run a movie studio.  When she’s not organizing, completing projects and lending a hand to her employers; Becca’s spare time is dedicated to her friends on both coasts, her cat Persephone, and catching up on the many movies still unwatched – and what host would not want the services of a bartender who can sing a few numbers with the live entertainment?!